About Keren

With extensive experience in the field, Keren Elrom, קרן אלרום, has successfully made a name for herself as the go to casting director in Israel. Having worked in commercials, television and feature films, her expertise spans the genres including comedy, drama, action, horror and science fiction.

Keren's personal touch and emotional awareness along with her connections in the industry, allow her to cast the right individual for each character role.

Keren became a member of the European Film Academy (EFA) in 2017. She was nominated for the best Casting Director in the 2017 Israeli Academy Film Awards for the film "Longing".

You can find her on IMDB.

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Featured Works


- Running on the Sand (drama) by Adar Shafran

- The Devil Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes (docu-drama). Casting the reconstructed scenes



- Home, (drama) by Benny Fredman [feature film]


- Douze Points (comedy) by Daniel Syrkin [mini series]


- Finita la Comedia (comedy) by Shahar Zefania [feature film]



- Longing (drama) by Savi Gabizon [feature film]


- Beneath the Silence (drama) by Erez Mizrahi and Sahar Shavit [feature film]

- Between Worlds (drama) by Miya Hatav [feature film]

- Traider (action/drama) by Felix Gerchikov [16 episode television series] Israeli casting only

- Beemza Hatamuz (comedy) by Ofir Lobel [television pilot]


- Second Life (drama) by Emanuel Shecter [short film]

- OMG, I'm a Robot?! (science fiction/comedy) by Gal Zalezdiak & Tal Goldberg [feature film]

- Baumshlager (comedy)  by Harold Sicheritz [feature film] Shared Israeli casting


- Freak Out (comedy/action/horror) by Boaz Armoni [feature film]

- Suicide (action) by Beni Federman [feature film]

- Suicide (action) by Beni Federman [6 episode television series]


- Snails in the Rain (drama) by Yariv Mozer [feature film]

- Immigrants (drama) [television pilot]